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The Story of The Dinoterra

Paddle Pop is the friendly king of the lion kingdom. Chosen to carry the burden of saving the world, he has committed himself to stopping at nothing until he achieves just that. So alongside his agile best friend, Leena, the wise Professor Higgabottom and other patriots of good, he has to venture through time and stop the evil alliance of the Shadow Master and Queen Felina.

The queen of the white tiger clan, Felina, seeks revenge from the lion kingdom for depriving her clan of all the good parts of the land. When her daughter proposes that they ask the lions to help them back onto the territory they were forced out of, she refuses boldly. While explaining the importance of getting revenge and re-instilling the dignity of the clan, the ever-persuasive Shadow Master appears from the shadows of her castle.

He doesn’t have to break a sweat to convince her to pursue her revenge immediately. What’s in it for him, you might wonder? Well, like many other villains in comic books, by helping Queen Felina defeat Paddle Pop and the lion kingdom, the Shadow Master is hoping to expand his evil powers and ultimately take over the world. Whether or not he plans to keep the queen of the white tiger clan beside him when that happens is something you don’t want to find out.

The only way to get enough power to go against the lions is to travel to the past and acquire the three mystical Dino Crystals.

As the queen, Felina possesses the powers (which were invested in the white tiger clan) to release the 12 Frozen Beads of Time. When unfrozen, these beads create a time portal. The Shadow Master knows this very well. This is why he stirs Felina’s anger and reminds her of her power to travel to the past and possibly retrieve the Dino Crystals that will give them the power they need to conquer their enemies.

When she finally gives in to her overwhelming desire to get revenge, Felina releases the 12 Frozen Beads of Time, and together with the Shadow Master they venture into the ancient time of dinosaurs in search of the 3 Dino Crystals.

Watch the Dinoterra videos or play the Paddle Pop games online to join in on this fascinating adventure.