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Problems which can face while Organizing a Corporate Event

So, you have been given the daunting task of arranging a corporate party. It isn’t easy and we understand it. If one doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of hosting a corporate event, unforeseeable problems can crop up last minute. Such problems, in fact, can give a great set back to all your plans.

However, the first thing which we would suggest is that just don’t freak out. Problems can occur in the most awesome events even. That day, I was discussing the issue with one of my friends who works in a MNC in Gurgaon. His last party arrangements failed badly and he was quite disappointed. On discussing the issues for long we realized that the key to success lies in knowing the problems which you can face beforehand so that you can be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Don’t worry; Not just the problems, we have solutions for the same as well. Here is the list of problems with solutions which we reached out after a long hot discussion.

A huge drop-out i.e. people fail to make it: If your luck has some grudges with you, this can be the worst thing happen to a party planner. You have made arrangements for the whole team and suddenly, flaky guests spoil it whole. A 10-20% drop out rate is normal but more than that becomes a faux pas.

What to-do: “No shows” are common in free events. However, if people spend something for attending they will definitely make it. So, it would be better if there is some charge for the tickets. Sending a jolly reminder can also set the mood of those few who were just feeling it hard to get up from their comfortable couches.

Ordered supplies getting late: This has a high possibility. Sometimes, it’s the food, some awards (if it’s an award function), some gifts or some office merchandise. Delay can be due to lack of supply, longer manufacturing hours, wrong address, or the wrongly placed order. Things can really get mess up in this case.

What to-do: Anticipate a timeframe for the delivery. Keep multiple options in hand so that if one fails, you can opt for the next. You can also discuss the issues beforehand with your supplier.

Failed technology: Oops, the electricity goes out right when the director stood up for the speech and you have no idea what to do. Or there can be any other technology issue with the video screen, speakers, projectors etc. Suddenly,,, become your best friends as you are not sure you will be welcomed in the same office again.

What to-do: To avoid any such situation, book a venue with up-to-date A/v technology. Most of the corporate party venues in Delhi NCR keep a team of specialist ready on hand to help in case of emergencies. You just need to coordinate with them at the time of booking.

Drinkers spoil: A corporate party is, of course, incomplete without drinks as people want to have a good time together. Often, mismanagement in the distribution of drinks can lead to over-drinking which can have unexpected results.

What to-do: As an intelligent party planner, you must make sure that there is an even distribution of drinks throughout the timeframe of the party. See that appropriate amount of drinks are served though. Alcohol should be served with food as it can avoid your attendees getting too drunk.

Booking corporate party venues in Delhi NCR: The biggest issue my friend faced was a congested venue in the middle of the city traffic. He could not get a nice one because he delayed the bookings. The traffic noise and overcrowded space made people suffocate there.

What to-do: I think that the venue issue can happen with anyone in Delhi. So, if you want to have desired corporate party venues in Delhi NCR, you should contact the vendors online or start looking for the options much before time. I would say better contact an online venue booking website and ask for the desirable option.

In a nutshell, a great and successful event requires eliminating potential problems by timely planning and proper organization.