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Entertaining the kids with a live Theatre show

Children thrive on fun and adventure. For a child, there is nothing worse than being cooped up in the house all weekend or over school holidays. Unfortunately, you may feel like you’ve taken your kids to every museum, zoo, playground and child-friendly restaurant in town a thousand times over. When winter hits, the situation is even worse as outings are limited to the movies, restaurants and other indoor activities. However, there is one activity that is quite often overlooked, mainly due to lack of knowledge, and that is live theatre.

Many people don’t consider going to a live theatre show because we are so bombarded with other forms of entertainment. The advent of multi-channel TV stations means that our kids can spend hours, even days glued to the screen. Nowadays, you will be waging war with your children if you try to pry a video game controller out of their hands. If you find that you’re stuck on ways to entertain your kids that doesn’t involve their eyes turning into squares, here’s why you should consider live theatre shows:

Variety: When you do your research, you will find that there are actually a wide range of shows that are showing in your city throughout the year. There will usually be something that caters to all ages, be it a musical for the song-and-dance lovers, a reenactment of a classic Disney fairytales for the younger ones, a ballet or ice-skating special for all ages, a comedy for older kids and much more! The fact is, irrespective of how old your children are there is something for everyone. Find out about the various theatres that are open in your city and what kind of shows they have to offer. In most cities there are specialized children’s theatres that perform shows that appeal to a younger audience.

Edutainment: Not all live theatre shows are purely for entertainment purposes! Depending on the type of show that you are seeing, your children can learn a range of valuable lessons on life, relationships, manners and friendships. Not only do they learn life skills but live theatre promotes self-confidence and amiability, which are wonderful lessons for your little ones to take away.

Entertainment and Bonding: Let’s not forget about one of the best reasons to take your kids to a live theatre show – the entertainment factor. Attending the theatre is a good day or night out for the whole family. You can all be whisked away to a magical world, engrossed in a riveting story that you can gasp and chatter about for days to come. These kind of memories are far more valuable than staying glued to a TV screen or pottering away in your respective rooms. A theatre show is something that the whole family can enjoy!

Once you have exposed your kids to the pure enjoyment of live theatre, you can chat to them about upcoming shows and ask them what they would like to see. Some theatres will have membership options, whereby you can purchase a year’s membership and pay a lower cost for tickets. If you don’t wish to limit yourself and your kids to one theatre, you can simply sign up for the newsletter and keep an eye on your local deals website for fabulous discounts and group packages on upcoming theatre performances.